Four Necessities Every Young Camper Needs For Overnight Camp

If you're hoping to send your kids to one of the many overnight summer camps in New England, like Camp Walt Whitman, you will want to make sure they have everything they need while they are away from home. If your child has never gone away to camp before, here are four necessities every young camper needs for overnight camps. 1. Trunk Your child probably isn't going to need a tent when going to overnight camp, as the kids usually stay in cabins.

Camping With Your Kids? Look At The Benefits Of Including A Portable Toilet In Your Supplies

Camping with your family can be one of the most enjoyable and memorable experiences you can give your kids. Camping can be educational and fun, but spending a weekend out in the woods can also be uncomfortable for you and your kids. This can be especially true if you decide primitive camping is the way to go and you camp at a spot that is far from campground amenities like showers and restrooms.

Packing The Right Stuff In Your Bug-Out Bag

What would you grab if suddenly forced from your home with a moment's notice? You can get a renewed peace of mind by having a bug-out bag ready and waiting in the event of an emergency or disaster. Make sure that you have these five items in your bug-out bag when you leave home. A map. Don't count on your GPS or online navigational tools during times of crisis; invest in a recent state map and compass to identify alternative routes during disasters and to locate unfamiliar destinations.

Questions To Ask When Reserving A Campground Space

If you are planning on taking your family on a camping trip to a campground, you want to make sure you are going to a campground that meets your family's needs, so you know you will have the best time and will be safe and comfortable. This article will help you understand some of the features you may want to look for so you ensure you all have the best time possible.

Sense And Sensibility: 3 Ways Real Hunting Gear Keeps You Hidden From Prey

Technically, you don't need any special clothes or boots to hunt effectively. Our ancestors hunted naked or while wearing the same clothes they wore every day. Long treks through the woods taught ancient hunters how to hide from prey no matter what colors they wore or how varied the terrain. Today's hunters don't always have countless hours to spend in the woods honing their skills, and hunting naked could get them arrested, so it's sensible for them to find hunting outerwear that allows them to blend in while hunting in the following ways: